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Jul 16, 2018
12:41 AM EST

Star Ledger
Best of 2006

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NY Times
Review 11-5-06

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Star Ledger
Review 10-20-06

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Star Ledger
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Open Doors
2006 Map

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Gallery 744
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Newark Between Us
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2006 Studio Tour

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2006 Studio Tour
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Facing Newark
picked as
Top Ten Show
for NY/NJ Region
in all of 2005

by Star Ledger

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Please be advised that this site is NO LONGER the official website for the Open Studio Tour in Newark.

So, this site is now an archive:

Open Doors 2006:
Newark's 5th Annual Artist Studio & Available Space Tour.

"Newark Between Us" - the installation exhibition continues in 30,000 square feet of AVAILABLE SPACE
at the The National Newark Building - 6th Floor located at 744 Broad Street, Newark, NJ

October 22 through December 17, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Thank all of you for your support!

Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday 11:00AM - 4:00PM
or by appointment 973.744.7452

Click here for a comprehensive list of artworks and installations on exhibit.

Rupert Ravens - Curator

Artists included:
Lynda Abraham
Manuel Acevedo
Mark Andreas
Les Ayre
Quaada Barbee
Hugo Bastidas
Adam Bateman
Jason Robert Bell
A Kimberlin Blackburn
Regina Bogat
Chakaia Booker
Louise Bourgeois
Thomas Broadbent
James A Brown
Adam Brown
Orly Cogan
Willie Cole
Bruce Conner
Roy Crosse
Kevin Darmanie
Evonne Davis
Victor Davson
Guerra De La Paz
Marcelo Dos Santos
Patrick Doyle
Sherman Drexler
Rosalyn Drexler
Peter Dudek
Anne Dushanko Dobek
Mel Edwards
Mark Esper
Peter Finnemore
R Buckminster Fuller
Asha Ganpat
Jerry Gant
Brian Getnick
Seth Goodwin
Ben Goldman
Leon Golub
Matthew Gosser
Grace Graupe Pillard
Dalit Gurevich
Philip Guston
Helmut Gutbrod
Erik Guzman
Victoria Hanks
Daniel Harper
George W Hart
Carl Hazlewood
Jasper Johns
Karoline Koeppel
Jason Clay Lewis
Andrew Maishman
Karen Marston
Sebastian Patane Masuelli
Stephen McKenzie
Marilyn Minter
Ujima Kuumba Majied
Jen Mazza
Peter Morrens
Loren Munk
Russell Murray
Stefanie Nagorka
William Oliwa
Rune Olsen
Yoko Ono
William Ortega
Alexandra Pacula
Nathalie Pham
German Pitre
Donald Pogany
William Pope.L
Martin Puryear
Reynolds / Jolley
Lucia Ravens
Daniel Rosenbaum
Ed Ruscha
Carol Salmanson
Mary Ellen Scherl
Peter Schlangenbader
Yoland Skeete
DC Smith
Patricia Smith
Nancy Spero
Charlee Swanson
Janet Taylor Pickett
Chris Uphues
Mare Vaccaro
Kathleen Vance
Ernest Walker
Kara Walker
Bisa Washington
Robert Watts
Eileen Weitzman
Noelle Lorraine Williams
Anker West
Troy West
Emma Wilcox
Ryan Wolfe

This is a show in the spirit of cultural exchange with artists from throughout the Metro region, and the world focusing especially on the creative new energy found in both Williamsburg and Newark.
The opening reception of this show will also be the closing reception of this year's Open Doors Studio Tour.

We would like to extend our thanks to the participating galleries:

Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
Roebling Hall
Gallery Boreas
The Front Room | Brooklyn Gallery of Contemporary Art
Barbara Krakow Gallery
Leslie Tonkonow Gallery
Alexander and Bonin
Gruen Galleries
Jack the Pelican Presents
Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper
Marlborough Gallery
Ronald Feldman Gallery
Creative Thift Shop
31 Grand Gallery
Westnorth Studio

A catalog of the show will be forthcoming.


October 19 through October 22, 2006

THURSDAY - OCTOBER 19 > 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Juried Exhibition at "Gallery 744" at The National Newark Building located at 744 Broad Street 1st Floor in downtown Newark.

Juror - Yoland Skeete, Director | Curator of Sumei Multidisciplinary Art Center located in Newark, NJ.

October 19 - November 16, 2006

Artists included:
Les Ayre
Gizem Bicaz
Mary Lou Bongiorno
Sandie Butler
Charles Caldwell
William Coronado
Anthony Cuneo
Kevin Darmanie
Gary Di Benedetto
Marcelo Dos Santos
Circe Dunnell
Lori Field
B. Curtis Grayson
Danny Glix
Matt Gosser
Nafiah Ismail
Matt Lahm
Yolene Legrand
Clarence Mather
Andrew Maishman
Steve McKenzie
Marco Munoz
Rene Nascimiento
Soraya Rusli
Kenneth Schnall
Toni Thomas
Noelle Lorraine Williams / Stafford Woods
Anna Yglesia

Exhibit Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11:00AM - 4:00PM

FRIDAY - OCTOBER 20 > 5:00PM - 10:00PM

The Gallery Crawl, on Friday, will focus on Newark's art galleries. It will showcase new exhibitions and examples of the contemporary works being produced by local artists.

Maps will be available with directions and locations at all galleries.
Bus Tour will depart from 581 Broad Street (Corner of Central Ave) Beginning at 5PM

WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM 54 Park Place
ALJIRA, A Center for Contemporary Art 591 Broad Street
Red Saw Gallery 585 Broad Street 2nd Floor
Gallery 744 744 Broad Street
DHR International 1 Newark Center 1085 Raymond Blvd. 14th Floor
City Without Walls Gallery - Satellite Seton Hall Univ. School of Law 1 Newark Center
Gallery Twenty-One 611 McCarter Highway 1st Floor
Gallery Aferro 73 Market Street
New Jersey Transit - Newark Light Rail Stations
NJIT/NJSOA 116 Summit Street 3rd Floor
Paul Robeson Gallery / Campus Center - Rutgers University
GlassRoots 36 Bleeker Street (New Temporary Addess)
Liberation In Truth Social Justice Center 11 Halsey Street
27 Mix 27 Halsey
City Without Walls Gallery - Main 6 Crawford Street
The Newark Museum 49 Washington Street
The Newark Museum - Art Workshop 49 Washington Street

SATURDAY - OCTOBER 21 > 1:00PM - 6:00PM

Special 2 Day "Multiple Works" Exhibition to be held in the Kislak Building
581 Broad Street (Corner of Central Avenue)
This show will feature multiple artworks from 37 artists in the Newark Area and New Jersey.

Artists included:
Rita Barros
Juan Bernal
Gianluca Bianchino
Robert Bonanno
Barbara Brewton
Sandie Lee Butler
Gregory Charles
Charles Caldwell
Kevin Darmanie
Marcelo Dos Santos
Asha Ganpat
Stanley Gavidia
Danny Glix
Glenn Hassan Hamilton
Akintola Hanif
Raymond Horner
Mary Howe
Patricia Hubbard
Rev. O. Florian Jenkins
Nadine LaFond
John Landino
David Long
Clarence Mather
Fermin Mendoza
Marco Munoz
Ruth Bauer Neustadter
Rosalind Nzinga
Qazi Orange
German Pitre
Arthur Porter
Lynn Presley
K Shingavi Rambert
Shawn Ridgird
Barbara Rosalsky
Paula Santos Dias
Ade Tugbiyele Sedita
Cedric Thomas
Ernest Walker
Charles Webb
Polina Zaitseva
Li Zhang


Collectors Workshop for established and emerging collectors will be held in November. TBA Please check back for more information.

SATURDAY - OCTOBER 21 > 5:00PM - 10:00PM

Jailhouse Revival Exhibition NJIT / NJSOA 116 Summit Ave - 3rd Floor Opening Reception

Matt Gosser - Curator

Artists included:
Jaime Alvarez
Les Ayre
Gerard Barbot
Elisa Decker
Rob Dobi
Heather Fromkin
Asha Ganpat
Natalie Giugni
Ginger Andro
Chuck Glicksman
Seth Goodwin
Matthew Gosser
Sandra L.M. Gosser
Sandra Indig
Mark Johnson
Adele Kenny
Rebecca Major
Leslie McCullough-Payne
Maria Mijares
Judy Negron
Ruth Neustadter
Alexandra Pacula
Juilliette Pelletier
Gilda Pervin
Boris Petropavlovsky
Moshe Rub
Rupert Ravens
Jon Schluenz
Dave Smith
Joan Sonnenfeld
Charlee Swanson
Ernest Walker
Anker West
Troy West
Emma Wilcox

SATURDAY - OCTOBER 21 > 6:00PM - 10:00PM

Enchanted Being: Everyday Ritual, Loss, Magic for the Affected and Infected by HIV/AIDS 11 Halsey Street Film Screening, Discussion, Enchanted Masquerade

Discussion with Filmmaker Ivan Arocha

Enchanted Being: Everyday Ritual, Loss, Magic for the Affected and Infected by HIV/AIDS

Artists included:
Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1938-1997)
Sylvester James (1947-1988)
Tamara Fleming- Cooper
Kevin Darmanie
Janine Quinlan
Marsha Padmore
L.J. Bergwerff
Noelle Lorraine Williams
Jomo Ray
Stafford Woods
Jacqueline McKayle
Thembi Ngubane
Jomo Ray
Janet Morgan sdnICHOLAS
Bonita Thompson

SUNDAY - OCTOBER 22 > 10:00AM - 6:00PM

FREE PARKING FOR THE STUDIO TOUR 8 Central Ave (Behind the Kislak Building 581 Broad)

Sunday will be the highlight of the Tour, as artists, with studios in Newark are spotlighted, as they Open Doors to the public.

Also continuing today will be the "Multiple Works" Exhibition in the Kislak Building.

Other creative participants from across Newark's metropolitan area will also be highlighted and represented in several downtown group shows and other venues.

Available Spaces both studios, and living/working spaces for artists will also be opened for review.

Maps will be available with directions and locations.

Bus Tours will provide transportation to all the sites throughout the day.
Starting location will be: 581 Broad Street (Corner of Central Ave) beginning at 10AM
Vans, Volunteer assistants, Studios, Venues, Galleries and Available Spaces will be clearly identified with the Open Doors Logo.

Volunteers - Needed

We could use some HELP!
Volunteers are also needed to assist in a variety of duties and fun activities.
If you have some time to donate please contact us either by:

Signing up here:
just click here to > Login
then, click on the text link > Register
and fill out the form,

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE. or by calling us - 973.643.1625 and speak with Joyce Anne

And check this page as all information will be updated regularly.


copyright 2004(c) nices, inc.